Class 3

Class 3


Class 3, a mixed Year 4 and 5 class, is taught by Mrs Dean and supported by Mrs Rowe. The children of Class 3 are inquisitive learners who have a love of learning and like to be challenged in their thinking. These enthusiastic and determined learners are developing their own learning styles and qualities of determination, resilience and responsibility.

This term, our Learning experience is focused upon  English and Citizenship. The whole school will be learning skills from these curricular areas culminating in an English outcome.

We will be looking closely at the text:The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse, a beautiful story with many messages to live by that are particularly poignant in today’s climate.


We will develop the characteristic of Citizenship.

We will make a difference to our homes, schools and wider communities through showing compassion, empathy and drive.  We will identify what values we are passionate about and how we can encourage these in others. We will think about and discuss our own actions and contribution to making the world a better place.



Knowledge and skills

We will develop the knowledge and skills to create an excellent narrative that gives a clear message to live by. As successful writers, we will develop our composition, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation skills to plan, write and edit a story with a message to live by.

We will develop these skills by studying a high quality text and using it as a model. We will develop the skills and knowledge that can be used for other genres of writing and other areas of learning.


We will be developing our independence through a variety of thinking tools, including mind maps, Y maps, See-Saw maps, Likes, dislikes, patterns and puzzles charts and boxing up charts.  We will be discussing and prioritising what values and life lessons are important.

Throughout the learning journey, we will give reflective feedback in order to improve our own and other’s work when writing our narratives.

We are working hard on place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division  during the Autumn term. Particular focus is our times tables and we are aiming to be ‘masters’ in them at least by the end of the year. Your support in learning these is greatly appreciated and I am happy to suggest some apps that may help. We are also really working on our reasoning skills. These are the skills that enable us to explain why a particular strategy has been chosen, why an answer is right or wrong, why an answer can’t be right to name but a few!  We will be tackling the Year 4 / 5 Maths objectives through problem solving and challenges as well as developing fluency.




Reading books and records should be brought to school and taken home every day. In Class 3, children should read for a minimum of 15-20 minutes daily, at home, independently or with an adult. Please complete and sign reading diaries on a regular basis: we collect in the records daily so this is an ideal way for you to pass on any messages to us if you need to.New this year is the Accelerated Reader programme. Your child’s reading ability and comprehension will be assessed in the first few weeks and they will be given a ZPD band of books that they can choose from that are the right level to extend their reading but not put them off. The children’s reading ability will continue to be assessed regularly through Star Reading tests and also during Whole Class Reading sessions which occur daily. The children will have daily opportunities to change their books after completing a short quiz on the book to check their understanding.

We want children to experience all aspects of reading: Reading to themselves, sharing books with Parents and peers, being read to in class through a class novel and also linking reading to real life purposes such as for research as part of their Learning Journey work. Please follow this link to an in-depth guide to Accelerated Reader for Parents:


Our Whole Class reading text this half term is…


At key stage 2 children investigate and consider the impact of religion and belief locally, nationally and globally. They

  • make connections between different aspects of religion and belief and consider different forms of religious expression;

  • consider the beliefs, teachings, practices and ways of life central to religion;

  • learn about sacred texts and other sources and consider their meanings;

  • begin to recognise diversity in religion, learning about similarities and differences both within and between religions and the importance of dialogue between them;

  • extend the range and use of specialist vocabulary;

  • recognise the challenges involved in distinguishing between ideas of right and wrong, and valuing what is good and true;

  • communicate their ideas clearly, recognising other people’s viewpoints;

  • consider their own beliefs and values and those of others in the light of their learning in religious education.

Our first Learning question for R.E this year is…

What does it mean if God is Holy and Loving?

Our Objectives are…

Can I Identify some different types of biblical texts, using technical terms accurately.

Can I explain connections between biblical texts and Christian ideas of God, using theological terms.

Can I make clear connections between Bible texts studied and what Christians believe about God; for example, through how churches
are designed.

Can I show how Christians put their beliefs into practice in worship.

Can I weigh up how biblical ideas and teachings about God as holy and loving might make a difference in the world today, developing insights of their own.


Class 3 will have two PE sessions per week. This term we are looking at Tag Rugby and gymnastics, but these will changed throughout the year to incorporate different aspects of the P.E curriculum. Although these sessions are timetabled for a Wednesday and a Friday, sometimes bad weather means we need to change the day so can you please ensure that PE kit and suitable trainers are in school at all times. If for any reason your child is unable to participate in PE, could you please let me know that morning. Can all kit (and uniform for that matter) please be named.

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