Class 2

Class 2

Welcome to Class 2

Class 2 is a mixed class of year 2 and 3 children. The teaching team of Mrs Lewis and Mrs Crewdson provide a positive and creative learning environment that supports all children to reach their true potential.

In Class 2 we work hard to be Collaborative Learners! We all know that we can teach others and help them develop their skills and through this we consolidate our own learning and understanding.

 Our classroom is a safe and happy place which we take pride in. It is a place to explore our capabilities, a place to create and a place where we can be happy to make mistakes.

We are all responsible members of our class family and set examples to each other in our actions.




We always treat each other kindly and work towards our school values of respect, forgiveness, resilience, aspiration and individuality.

This term, our first learning experience is focused upon  English and Citizenship. The whole school will be learning skills from these curricular areas.

We will be looking closely at the text:The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse, a beautiful story that we will use to spread kindness throughout our school community.

Character: We will develop the characteristic of Citizenship.

We will make a difference to our homes, schools and wider communities through showing compassion, empathy and drive. We will give a positive example that others can follow to spread kindness throughout our school community.

Knowledge and skills: We will develop the knowledge and skills to create an excellent character description that models kindness and understanding. As successful writers, we will develop our composition, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation skills to plan, write and edit a character description.

We will identify and name emotions and create a class plan of ways to cope with the physical and emotional responses from our bodies. We will develop empathy for others who are managing their emotions.

Metacognition: We will be developing our independence through a variety of thinking tools, including good/bad plans, bubble maps and evidence maps.  We will be discussing identifying how our qualities and actions impact on other people.Throughout the learning journey, we will give reflective feedback in order to improve our own and other’s work when writing our character descriptions.


During the first term, we will be working hard on place value and calculation in class 2. These areas of learning and extremely important in maths as they provide the foundations to the rest of their maths work.

The following skills and facts will be practised and daily to secure the children’s mathematical understanding:

  • Understanding the value of the digits in 2 and 3 digit numbers.
  • Counting forwards and backwards in steps of 1,2,5,10 and 3
  • Mental methods of calculating.
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division methods.
  • Explaining and reasoning.
  • Problem solving to ensure thorough understanding.


Reading books and records should be brought to school and taken home every day. In Class 2, children should read for a minimum of 15-20 minutes daily, at home with an adult. Please complete and sign reading diaries on a regular basis: we collect in the records daily so this is an ideal way for you to pass on any messages to us if you need to.New this year is the Accelerated Reader programme. Your child’s reading ability and comprehension will be assessed in the first few weeks and they will be given a ZPD band of books that they can choose from that are the right level to extend their reading but not put them off. The children’s reading ability will continue to be assessed regularly through Star Reading tests and also during Whole Class Reading sessions which occur daily. The children will have daily opportunities to change their books after completing a short quiz on the book to check their understanding.

We want children to experience all aspects of reading: Reading to themselves, sharing books with Parents and peers, being read to in class through a class novel and also linking reading to real life purposes such as for research as part of their Learning Journey work. Please follow this link to an in-depth guide to Accelerated Reader for Parents:


Our Whole Class reading text this half term is…


At key stage 1 children investigate and consider the impact of religion and belief locally, nationally and globally. They

  • make connections between different aspects of religion and belief and consider different forms of religious expression;
  • consider the beliefs, teachings, practices and ways of life central to religion;
  • learn about sacred texts and other sources and consider their meanings;
  • learn and use use specialist vocabulary;
  • communicate their ideas clearly, recognising other people’s viewpoints;
  • consider their own beliefs and values and those of others in the light of their learning in religious education.

At key stage 1 children learn in depth about aspects of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Our first Learning question for R.E this year is…

What do Christians learn from the creation story?


For class 2, PE is on Tuesdays and Fridays. They will be practising tag rugby and invasion game skills with Mr Williams and Mrs Seabrook.

What can you do to help your child in Class 2?

  • Try to read with your child as often as possible . They do not need to read for hours at a time! Ten to fifteen minutes every night is fantastic. Please use the opportunity to ask questions about the story and characters.
  • Please support them with any homework tasks. Written homework is set on Friday, it will be related to learning in the classroom.
  • Please take any opportunity to practise spellings and times table facts.
  • Try to encourage children to take responsibility for their own belongings, this helps them to become more independent.

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