Class 1

Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!

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Our class is a mixed Reception and Year 1 class. We are taught by Mrs Kennard and our teaching assistant is Mrs Cornish.

Mrs Kennard plans lessons and activities that stimulate and motivate us to be independent learners and thinkers, who are well balanced, globally and culturally respectful with firm Christian values.


During the day, we have access to water and sand play, painting and other ‘messy’ activities. We also have access to a range of construction and investigative activities. Exploring and discovering supports our learning and development and we really enjoy it. We have opportunities for adult led and adult directed activities as well as many opportunities for child initiated learning.

This term our learning is mostly centred around the curriculum areas of English and Citizenship. We are working in partnership with The Mare and Foal Sanctuary and their staff at Coombe Park, Littlehempston.



Our whole school learning question is; ‘What is Charity?’. In Class One our specific learning question is: ‘How does the Mare and Foal Sanctuary care for animals?’. We will find out which type of animals they care for and how these animals are cared for on a daily basis. The children will have the chance to see for themselves exactly how the ponies are cared for and will also have the chance to do some grooming, mucking out and hay- net filling for themselves. After these practical experiences Class One will be using their early writing skills to make a poster to simply explain how the ponies are looked after. Throughout this work all the children will be learning that it is our responsibility as humans to look after animals and that sometimes charities need to help with this care if animals are unfairly treated. Class One will also begin to explore the idea that charities such as The Mare and Foal Sanctuary rely on people’s donations; not just money but time to help or by donating items to charity shops to raise money. Our final poster will be displayed at our presentation afternoon at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary on October 11th.



This term in Maths we will be learning about Place Value, Calculation and Shape. We will be covering:

  • Sorting and counting objects
  • Counting forwards and backwards
  • Counting one more and one less
  • Comparing groups of objects using ‘less’, ‘more’, ‘greater’, ‘fewer’.
  • Ordering number and using a number- line
  • Addition and subtraction using number bonds to help
  • Recognise and name 2 and 3D shapes
  • Making patterns with 2 and 3D shapes


In Class One children will:

  • Encounter Christianity and other faiths as part of their growing sense of self, their community and their place within it.
  • Learn more about Christians, Jews and Muslims.
  • Learning about special places, special stories, special times and the special groups we might belong to.



PE lessons are on Tuesday afternoons led by Mrs Bartlett and on Wednesday mornings led by Mr Williams from Saints Southwest. It is a really good idea to keep your PE bag in school throughout the week as PE lessons can be subject to change depending on what else is happening in our busy curriculum.

This term Class One will be learning all about invasion games and using spaces safely.

Ways to help with learning in Class One:

Reading with your child is a really good way to support your child. Reading stories to them and talking about the story is an essential part of developing early literacy skills. Once your child can read a few words you can encourage them to read a few pages of the reading book they bring home. Talking about what is read still continues to be an important part of developing reading skills once they are reading the text themselves. All children in Class One have groups of words to learn to read. Please support your child to learn to recognise and read these words. All children have access to Bug Club online reading books which are matched to their current reading ability. Please ask us if you have forgotten how to log in. When you are out encourage your child to look for and recognise simple words they are familiar with in the environment. These might be on signs and posters or anywhere while you are out. Praise your child for recognising any words and help them to read those they show interest in but can’t yet read.

Early counting skills can easily be practised at home. Children can count actions like jumps, skips and hops. They can count toys, fruit and vegetables, bits of pasta…in fact anything they are interested in! Encourage your child to look for numbers in the environment: on houses and gates, sign posts and on posters or shop fronts. Talk about the numbers they recognise and encourage simple counting where you can.

All children in Class 1 benefit from 20 minutes of phonics teaching daily. Help your child to learn and remember the sounds they have explored at school using the materials that are sent home. This is especially important in Reception when the sounds are first introduced. A little practice often is more beneficial than long periods of time. Once the children have learned a number of sounds these can be recognised, said and ‘blended together’ as the main strategy to read words in the first books they bring home to read.

Much of early school life is all about learning to be independent and also learning to be part of a successful, happy community. Children should learn to dress and undress themselves quickly and efficiently. You can help with this at home by giving them the time to practise the skills needed to dress so that they gradually become quicker at fastening zips and buttons. Turn taking is also a very important skill to learn. You can help with this by playing any kind of game that requires waiting for ‘your turn’. Encourage ‘good listening’ when you are talking to your child. Remind them to look at you when you are speaking to them and praise them when they do show you good listening. In the same way try to show your child good listening too when they are  telling you something that is important to them.

Weekly Updates for Class One:

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