An approach to Learning to Learn

An approach to Learning to Learn


Lifelong learning is our birthright. To help our children become better learners, both in school and in life, we actively teach our children how to learn through our Learning Power approach. Developing Learning Power is about creating a climate in the classroom and in the school that cultivates habits and attitudes which enable young people to face difficulty and uncertainty calmly, confidently and creatively.  Children who are confident of their ability learn faster and learn better. They concentrate more, think harder and find learning more enjoyable. Developing Learning Power helps to prepare children for their exciting futures.

We are developing a whole school approach to learning, encouraging success and building aspirations. We make learning skills obvious and explicit in our lessons.

Our mission statement, Learning together, reflects the importance we place on the many relationships within our school community. We aim to make our school a welcoming place where everyone is valued and cared for as part of our school community.

To deliver these aims we will:

Provide a stimulating, creative, broad and balanced curriculum that meets the learning needs of each child.

Offer experiences that will challenge our children and help them to develop enquiring minds and positive attitudes towards learning and an appreciation of the value of aspiration, effort and achievement at all levels.

Promote self esteem and confidence in their capacity to learn and foster respect and care for themselves and others.

Develop a positive learning partnership with families, community, the church and the wider world.

Promote high standards of behaviour by modelling a set of moral values, on which to base their own behaviour.

Provide a happy, stimulating and secure environment where children feel valued, secure, loved and cared for and where opportunities are inclusive and equal for all.

Consider the spiritual, moral, social, emotional, physical and cultural development of each child.

Encourage children to develop healthy lifestyles based on informed choices.

Develop and foster individual gifts and strengths, creativity and imagination