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Class 2

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Class 2 weekly update 4.2.19

Class 2 is a mixed class of year 2 and 3 children. The teaching team of Mrs Lewis and Miss Morris provide a positive and creative learning environment that supports all children to reach their true potential.

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In Class 2 we work hard to be Super Learners! We all know that we can teach others and help them develop their skills and through this we consolidate our own learning and understanding.


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 Our classroom is a safe and happy place which we take pride in. It is a place to explore our capabilities, a place to create and a place where we can be happy to make mistakes.


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We always treat each other kindly and work towards our school values of friendship, forgiveness, responsibility, respect and trust.



This half term our school focus is ‘Teamwork ’. We use this to show how we work together in all of the different teams that we are part of. We will also understand that we can achieve so much more when we work as a team.

Our theme for this term is ‘The Romans’. We will find out about the Roman invasion and the parts of the world that were ruled by them. We will look at the great developments the Romans made and how many of these ideas still exist today. We will also find out what life was like as a Roman soldier.

You can click on the link to the Curriculum Map for more information and if you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Lewis.


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